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Since starting with Neil I’ve been changing my eating habits to healthier, better choices and I don’t see it as a bad thing after seeing the results that I’ve been getting. I’ve gone from 5/6 sessions a week, where I would go in without a plan and just move some weights around until I got tired! Training with Neil I’ve realized that 2-3 sessions a week of good planned training with amazing form shown and tweaked by Neil to suit me has improved my overall training, posture and size. I’ve gained a lot by training with Neil through his intelligent mentoring and just his overall knowledge of lifting and it will definitely stay with me through the rest of my life. He’s an amazing guy and an even better coach and I couldn’t recommend him enough to anyone beginning or who’s been lifting for a while and is looking for an intelligent change of pace. Smart training and good eating will get you results and there’s no one who will help you along better than Neil.