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After noticing I had developed an imbalance in my back (scapular winging) I approached Neil to see if he could help with this. I reckoned I it was something that had come on over a few years so I thought it would take some time to fix. But after training with Neil, learning how to […]

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Lisa Personal training dublin


Honestly to say I’m happy with the difference is an understatement. Working with Neil I am down in clothes size, body-fat and inches. The only increase has been to my strength and confidence. I would highly recommend working with Neil for anyone wanting to get results.

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Peter Personal training dublin


I set out with the goal of wanting to get fitter and lose weight. I was always self conscious of going to a gym and using weights, but Neil has a great approach to training and is extremely helpful and encouraging. I’m really pleased with my improvements in this first month and am looking forward […]

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Jeff Personal training dublin


Working with Neil I have to say I’m feeling so much better all round. Having a structure in terms of eating and exercising means that I have good consistent energy all day, and I’m sleeping much better every night. I haven’t exercised properly in 5 or 6 years but I’ve gotten on track really quickly… […]

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Alan personal training dublin e1522316372441


I had a major posture imbalance due to training the wrong way in the past, and Neil spotted this within the first time meeting him. We set out an exercise regime to correct this and also build an change my body composition for the better. I lost weight without being to strict and hugely improved […]

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Sinead Personal training dublin


Only wish I’d started training with Neil long before now. Can’t recommend his smart programming and educated diet advice enough, no matter where you are in your level of fitness or what your goal.

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jakob personal training dublin e1522316606422


Neil Farrell has completely turned my life around, given me a new outlook on both food and exercise and given me the confidence to continue on my fitness journey. I would recommend anyone who is struggling with their weight, fitness and living a healthy lifestyle to go see him. I would highly recommend him to […]

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Darren Personal training dublin


After the first 12 weeks I have learned and achieved more then I could of hoped for. I’ve lost approx 12kg (with zero cardio by the way!) and I’m looking forward to continuing my progress with Neil, as now I finally have the confidence and belief I can and will actually achieve my new years […]

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